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Who we are

Yakitori is a well-known Japanese food that is loved by everyone. At TORI-Q®, we only season our delicious yakitori with our specially formulated 'tare' (sauce). Freshly prepared every day, each stick of TORI-Q® yakitori is made using only the finest ingredients, and it is hand-grilled to perfection. As a homegrown brand, while serving the best affordable, quick and convenient meals to our guests, we have grown with the local community since 2000.

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Freshness and

To serve the freshest and finest yakitori to our customers, we thoroughly inspect and manage our products from preparation at our central kitchen to serving them at our outlets.


Fresh ingredients are delivered to each outlet every single day. At each outlet, the fresh ingredients are broiled using our unique auto-grilling machine, giving it the juiciness. Afterwards, the yakitori is dipped into our own special 'tare' (sauce) and grilled to perfection. At TORI-Q®, we serve our yakitori only with our own specially formulated 'tare' that we are proud of. 


Handmade Daily


Auto-Grilling Machine


Homemade Chicken Ball


TORI-Q® Original Sauce


Our Story

Our journey originally started when Yohei Takeda, came to Singapore and opened a small takoyaki stand at Clark Quay in 1994. In 1996, a temporary takoyaki store Takopachi® opened in Takashimaya S.C., which turned out to be quite a success and soon became a permanent outlet. Following this, in 2000, TORI-Q® proudly launched its first outlet inside Takashimaya S.C. as well and has grown from there since.

Meaning behind TORI-Q®

Yakitori means "grilled chicken" when literally translated to English, from the Japanese words yaki (grill) and tori (chicken). So what does the "Q" stand for? The best quality and an endless queue.

We only provide the highest quality of food and service, and with this, we hope for an endless long queue at our shops. To give our shop an original, yet a meaningful name, we put these two words together and named ourselves TORI-Q. 

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