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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is TORI-Q® halal?

A. Unfortunately, we are not. We have pork products on our menu and we use sake (Japanese wine) as part of the ingredients for our sauce.

Q. Can the griller used in the shops be bought?

A. The grilling machines are directly purchased from Japan, and the manufacturing factory has already stopped the production of the machine. Therefore, it is impossible to purchase the griller, despite similar-looking ones existing.

Q. Where is the TORI-Q® chicken imported from?

A. Our raw chicken is instantly frozen, checked, and shipped to Singapore from Brazil. After it's skewed onto the individual sticks at our central kitchen, it is kept in a special chiller room and transported to each outlet.

Q. Do you offer franchises?

A. No, we do not offer franchising. This is because we want to maintain our very own vision, and we take a very serious stance on the standards and quality of our products and services. We apologise to any parties that are interested in franchising.

Q. Can I make reservations at TORI-Q®?

A. No, we do not take reservations. Just come over, and we'll be there to serve you!

Q. Does TORI-Q® have delivery?

A. Yes, TORI-Q® offers delivery through foodpanda; however, only for selected outlets. To see whether delivery is available at your area, please check out locations, our Instagram highlights (@tori_q_official), or the foodpanda app. 

Q. Are there TORI-Q® outside of Singapore?

A. No, we are currently only located in Singapore. If you live overseas, give us a visit when you come to Singapore!

Q. I would love to work at TORI-Q®. Are you hiring?

A. We are always looking for amazing people to join our team. Visit our career page to see the available positions and to apply.


If your questions aren't answered above, get to us using the form here.

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