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At TORI-Q®, since we provide food to our guests, we regard safety and quality as our highest priority. From the preparation of ingredients to serving our products to our guests at the outlets, we thoroughly inspect and manage them to maintain the best quality and hygiene so that we can satisfy every single guest that tastes our food.

The Central Kitchen

Our ingredients are specially kept in controlled temperature rooms in our central kitchen to ensure freshness and for hygienic purposes. The temperature of these rooms is maintained at the most suitable temperature for keeping raw food until they are sent to the outlets to be cooked and served.

To serve the freshest and finest yakitori to our customers, our raw ingredients are readily prepared and delivered to all outlets daily by a huge chiller truck where the temperature is controlled.


Homemade Chicken Ball

We prepare our most popular chicken ball only with fresh and fine ingredients. We do not outsource our chicken balls; we prepare them in our own central kitchen.


Once the meat arrives at our central kitchen, we use a specially designed machine to mince the chicken before adding other ingredients. We use our own recipe and methods to ensure that the chicken ball, which everyone loves has that juicy and tender feeling.

Auto-Grilling Machine

At TORI-Q®, we also use our own unique auto-grilling machine to cook the best yakitori. The grilling machine which is made in and purchased from Japan broils the yakitori nicely before it is hand-grilled to perfection. We are the first to bring this kind of machine to Singapore, and the machine gives the yakitori its juiciness and brings out the best taste. This fascinating machine that often catches our guests' attention at the shops is rare as it is no longer in production.


TORI-Q® Original Yakitori Tare

The secret 'tare' (sauce) is a vital part of our delicious yakitori. The original yakitori sauce, which is pure of our creation, takes approximately 30 hours to be prepared. The sauce is a result of continuous research, and we are proud to present this sauce of ours to all our valued guests. ​To this day, the recipe for our sauce has never been revealed.


TORI-Q® Original Yakitori 'Tare'

Our original TORI-Q® sauce isn't just a typical yakitori sauce: The recipe is made to suit Singaporeans' tastes. This is because when Yohei Takeda started to develop the recipe for it, he knew that the kind of sauce common in Japan wouldn't be widely accepted here due to the different food cultures in Singapore and Japan. He dedicated his effort to create an original one that would be more favoured by Singaporeans but still with an authentic Japanese taste. 

With countless trials and errors, the TORI-Q® original yakitori sauce was finally perfected after three years of experimenting. Compared to the yakitori sauce common in Japan, our sauce is slightly reduced in saltiness but with added sweetness and a richer umami flavour.

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